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Tarot Clairvoyant Readings

                       Spiritual Healing is My Service to mankind



I began my Spiritual Journey through Healing.  It would be over 30 years ago that I took a pair of rosary beads to a very good medium in Melbourne to find out who they belonged to so I could return them to their rightful owner. 

My father had told me the story of how he had been given the rosary beads from a childs mother after he had saved the child from a charging bull,  I felt they should be returned to the rightful owner now that my father was deceased.

When the medium handled the rosary beads she told me many wonderful things about my father and at the end of the reading she said that she had a lovely lady in spirit that was saying that the rosary beads had found their owner and as she was handing me the rosary beads back bells rang out aloud, so loud that the mediums husband went to the door because he thought someone was at the door...she then said they are for you to do healing with, they are for whom the bells toll...WOW I was blown away, I was a natural 'psychic' but did not know about healing!

I returned to work the next week and must have been looking especially happy and boyant because a woman I worked with mentioned how happy I looked and asked me what had happened, well I repeated my story to her and to my great surprise she had been a part of the White Eagle Healing Circle in England and asked me did I wish to learn about it, of course I replied 'yes'  and that was the beginning of my journey in this life time:)

For the first 5yrs my husband and I used to do 'laying on of the hands healing'  twice a week of an evening after our daily jobs, this was so successful and I was once told by a 'patient' that I was doing absent healing  'this is healing by thought/prayer' patient said, 'I am so glad to see your still alive as you were standing at the foot of my bed last night smiling at me and I thought you had died!' 

For those that have readings from me I also ask Spirit to help give answers that will resolve your problems and not add to them, this I also feel is part of my healing services:)

So dear Member if your in need of some 'Absent Healing' please email me:  with your name. age and illness so that I can 'tune' into you and ask for this wonderful healing energy to be given to you freely!

I can 'Speak the Word/Prayer for you and even send you a copy of what 'words are spoken' on your behalf, just let me know in your request if you wish me to email them to you.

In love and Light,



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