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I am one of 13 children, I was born 6th in line and lived in Victoria's Country area until about age 9, when we moved to the city.

I married at 18yrs and became a mother at 19yrs, I have been married to my husband now for over 50yrs, it has not been an easy life but it has been a very rewarding one because of life's experiences and what they have taught me!

I was born a natural 'sensative' and sat at a rapping table from the age of 12yrs.  I have witnessed much on my Spiritual Life's Journey and learnt from the many and varied lessons life has given me.  The most profound lesson I have learnt in this life time is that I LOVE  GOD, in whatever form or formless you wish to think of God as being!  My understanding of God is that he/she is unlimitted Love and therefore can not be judgemental or punishing.

have had the experience of helping 'lost souls', those that hide in the shadows because they dont wish others to see the truth of who they are and what they have done, they need love and help to make the journey to go through the veil to a better life where they receive guidance and help to overcome their self judgment and make atonement! 

I was a Spiritualist Minister for nearly 27yrs, I am  now retired but still teach Spirit Communication, Psychometry and Meditation.  For the last 5 yrs I have been reading on my old site 'The Psychic Realms' and on eBay under the ID of Crystalclear999, having done over 1000 readings with 100% Positive Feedback.

I have chosen to still do my readings because I find it very rewarding helping people to see an alternative solution to a situation,  my Spirit Guides tell me that there is always solutions and they help guide my clients into making wise choices...It is in the choices that we make that create our lives of tomorrow.

Blessings of Love and Peace,

Sai Ram ( The God in me recognizes the God in you)



















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