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Tarot Clairvoyant Readings

Our Journey to  the feet of Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Elvins and my life changed dramaticlly after his brother Jim died in his arms from a horrible case of cancer.  Elvin who was a total 'disbeliever in Spirit and life after death at that time and   was very tortured emotionally by what had happened when his brother died.

My life had also gone through trauma with the death of my father, also with cancer and I had become very interested in laying on of the hands healing and was being taught by a couple who had been a part of White Eagles Healing Sanctuary in England.

Until one day Elvin  broke down and asked me to give up what I was doing as it was bringing back the final moments of Jims life spilling over him at times...In those days Elvin drank very heavy and was not even temepred at all, in fact he told me later that he felt he was so close to doing something violent!  In that moment when he shouted at me to give this healing up I found myself saying ' OK  I can give the healing up but dont ask me to give up the LOVE  OF  GOD... He walked away and came back a few minutes later and said...Ahh but you wont be happy!  With that I exclaimed but you never asked me to be happy!!  He smiled and said ' No you dont get me like that, we will go and investigate this Spirit Stuff together!! 

That was the beginning of an amazing path for both of us, and it took me a few years to realize that my husband had brought me through an amazing debt that I owed from another life time when I had denied God/ he was my teacher and as soon as I had passed the lesson, he didn't need to ACT like that anymore...Life is amazing!!

The next week  we attended our first Spiritual Church in Campbelltown ran by Debbie Achurch and what a change this brought into our lives. We attended each week and we then met Debbie's mother Eve Harris who took us on by taking us into her Development Circle...Another huge leap for Elvin and myself!

I will never forget the first time we attended that cirlce, no one told us that Debbie and her mother were 'Rescue Workers' helping lost souls through the veil as well as teaching Mediumship!  

We walked in and sat down in the cirlcle, all was quiet until Eve started screaming about being locked in a barn and she was trying to get away from the fire..they had to close the circle down as we were not experienced and didnt know how to help her.  Eve told us she had the image of a young girl locked in a cabin which was on fire and this young girl had perished in the fire and didnt realize she was dead, and that to help to remove her out of her aura she would need the help of her daughter who was also experienced in helping the lost souls, so we agreed to come back in a couple of days to help.  On our way home that evening Elvin said that Eve was either the best actress he had ever seen or she was fair dinkum. 

A couple of days later we went back to help Eve, Elvin remarked as he walked out the door and grabbing his rosary beads, I'm taking these just in both of our amazement when we arrived we witnessed huge blisters on Eve's arms where this girl felt the burns...and after Debbie had moved this soul through the veil and into the light to our bigger amazement...all the burns just disapeared from Eve's arms...Yes we were thrown in the deep end and that was the beginning of Elvins change of beliefs in LIFE  AFTER  DEATH.

Our First Trip to India after 10yrs of Service in the Spiritual Churches


Elvin and I in Bangalore after leaving the Ashram on the first trip.

We  started up a healing sanctuary in our home in Wakeley NSW. We offered laying on of the hands free  once a week after our daily work and also started to teach meditation and mediumship as well.   One evening Elvin took the group into  meditation and when we all came back we spoke about what we saw and felt, I noticed a strange look on Elvins face and asked him what had he seen, he proceeded to tell me that he must have done something wrong as this little 'gay guy' in an orange dress came into the group and made rude gestures to us all in the circle.  I immediately knew who he had seen as I had been to the Adyar Book Shop that week and bought a book called the Holy Man and the Psychiatrist...A Story about Sathya Sai Baba! 

So within that one week he had reached us both.  We had our 25th Wedding Anniversary coming up in a couple of months and we had planned on going to Ayres Rock.  During the next couple of weeks Sathya Sai Baba had not only manifested in your home but kept popping up in the churches we were guest speakers at... So we felt anyone who wants to attract our attention that much we have to go and see...So we booked our tickets and set of on the journey of our lifetime. This was 26 years ago when we were both 43 years of age:)

That first visit was life changing for both of us.  We travelled with a group of about 12 people and Elvin being the only male among us was much in demand to carry bags ect... 

Sathya Sai Baba gave Darshan 'Sight of Holy person' twice lined up about 4.30am and about 4.00pm each day to be given lines that would either give you a close up look at this Holy Man or you would get a glimpse of him from afar if you were unlucky enough to be in a back row.   If you were lucky to be in the front he would walk along and sometimes MANIFEST VIBHUTTI  'Sacred Ash' or he would stop and 'chat' with you and sometimes give you a PRIVATE INTERVIEW...  Elvin was in the front row and given an interview, but told only he was to go...normally if a person is told to go for an interview the whole group would go...but this was to be a very special interview where he was to witness and be given some amazing gifts and information he was to take back to Australia and tell some one we had not even met yet!   The group Elvin had been taken in with was a group from Shri Lanka that had a young 19yrs boy who was the re-incarnation of Saint Vivakananda Sai Baba told them later, in that interview Sai Baba also manifested a ring for Elvin which was originally a huge pic of Sai Baba on the ring...Sai Baba passed this ring around for all to look at and when Elvin put his hand out to accept it, Swami said no!! took it back into his hand, closed his hand on the ring and blew on it and said,  ' You prefer him!;  opened his hand to display Jesus Chirst the sacred heart...which in truth Elvin had a great love for 'The Sacred Heart'

Actual Picture of the ring

We found out upon our return from India why Elvin was taken in with this group!   Howard Murphett 'now deceased' the author of Man of Miracles had lived in Adyar and studied with Madam Blavaski and had lived in Sathya Sai Baba's Ashram when he realized that he was the ' Father who sent Jesus'

Sathya Sai Baba had told Howard  that the Re-Incarnation of Saint Vivekananda was going to come to the Ashram in a few years time and Howard had asked him to promise that he would hear about it first hand!!  Now at that time we didnt know Howad at all.  Sathya Sai Baba is ALL KNOWING and knew that we were to meet Howard and had requested Elvin be present at the interview to witness 'first hand' the return of Saint Vivekananda  and upon our returnHoward had heard about the Aussie man 'Elvin'  who witnessed all this and he asked to meet Elvin...And that was the beginning of an amazing relationship with Howard and his wife Iris that both Elvin and I were so blessed to be involved in..

Elvin and Howard Murphet - last trip for Howard

We returned to Australia after our first trip in 1987 thinking we had no reason to return to India after the extraudinary event of meeting Sathya Sai Baba and feeling this huge shift in our conciousness,  but after a year of working with the Churches and keeping our Healing Sanctuary going we felt this strong urge to go back again on our next yearly holidays.

Our next trip gave us an interview together when Sai Baba proved to me he is all knowing and omnipresent 'everywhere'.  Elvin and I were given an interview after a morning of me wondering where Elvin had disapeared to after breakfast of that day, he had gone to sit upon a hill to find some 'quiet mind time' and when he returned I asked him ' Where have you been?' later in the day when we were given the private interview Swami was smiling at us  'group of about 9'  and chatting to each of us about Spiritual matters, telling us that we dont need to change our religions we just needed to honour that religion by being the best person we can... he then turned to Elvin and said, 'how are you sir?' then looking over at me said when he is late you say ' Where have you been'....WOW...that was the first of many things he said to us that proved he DID KNOW EVERYTHING!!! 

Our lives changed drastically when the interest rates were 18%  and Elvin lost his job, we had to sell our lovely home in Sydney and bought a cow paddock up in Tweed, we had a lovely house built on the land owning it outright, Elvin who had never built or gone in for land development did an amazing job of turning the cow paddock into a 'Living Sanctuary' .

We had been ordained as Ministers of the ASAOA and  Elvin built an 8 sided 'place of worship' on the land  where we held services and ran workshops for a minimal amount of money and we still managed to have a yearly trip to India.

The 8 Sided House of Worship Elvin built -having never built a thing in his life...yes he was given much help from Spirit



Our lovely home in Mt. Burrell - Tweed Heads



One year we asked a homeless couple to come into our home and stay and look after our lovely 3 dogs for six months rent free so we could go to India , they agreed and off we went to Puttaparthi, Whitefield and Kodaikanal.  This six months was amazing and by this time Elvin had stopped drinking smoking and we were full vegetarians not because we thought it would make us moré 'spiritual' but because  our vibrations were lifting to a higher range and we could not tolerate these 'poisens' in our bodies when we wanted to channel a pure energy through.

Elvin and I having front line Darshan...Both of us are in White, Baba is leaning over speaking to me here in Whitefield.

Our last trip to see Sathya Sai Baba was in 1999-2000 when we went with the 'pink twins' Dorathy and Moirya O'Brien who ran SWARA up in Brisbane Qld.  It was a wonderful year and we spent most of the time in Whitefield...we were also given our final private interview with Sathya Sai Baba there,  he took us  in the the twins and spoke to us sooo lovingingly and encouraging us to just BE...he then asked me ' Where is your ring'...I replied ' You havent given me one Swami' he smiled and once again drew up his sleeves 'showing me nothing up there..heheh' closed his hand and proceeded to put on my wedding finger a beautiful 3 diamond ring.  And people do say that when Swami gives you something he knows you are in for a traumatic time...yes they are right, but with the many blessings of being in his presence and holding on tight to his great love he showered upon us Elvin and I have been able to meet our lives challenges and stay firmly giving love and seervice to all that come or need it.   Sai Ram.  Through the heart of Rhonda.


The Ring Sathya Sai Baba manifested for me in 2000


 Footnote:  Sathya Sai Baba made his Samahdi on Easter Sunday 2011


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