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Tarot Clairvoyant Readings

                     A  Tribute to All the Angels in my life


I would like to pay tribute to all the Angels in my life and especially to the one's who chose to play the 'hard' roles in my life and taught me through limitation, betrayal, opposition, pain and suffering.

The Answer.

I prayed to God for knowledge-for the power to control things;

I was granted understanding-to learn to love persons.

I prayed for strength-to be a great man;

I was made weak to be a better man.

I cried for pity-I was offered sympathy.

I craved a healing of my own disorders;

I received insight into another's suffering.

I prayed for all things-to enjoy life;

I was given all Life to enjoy things.

I prayed for safety to tread the trodden path;

I was granted danger to lose the track and find The Way.

I have got nothing that I prayed for;

My prayers are answered;

I AM, among all men, richly Blessed.


The Angel of Compassion Represents my Mother, she taught me to be compassionate and forgiving.  Thank you Mum.



This Guardian Angel  represents my Father whom has guided and helped me during life and since passing over.  Thank you Dad.


The  Angels forming a heart  I dedicate to my 12 Siblings-yes twelve of them, I chose them all to be a part of my life, their roles are many and varied, each Teaching me exactly what I needed to learn.  Thank you Brothers and Sisters.

 The Angel on a Harley I dedicate to my husband of 46 years, Elvin.

Elvin has been an amazing teacher helping me to achieve gifts of patience, tolerance, trust.  He has loved me without reservation, I have never had reason to doubt his love.  I thank you for being my Husband

This Beautiful Angel I dedicate to my daughter Ronda-Lee whom I adore and have great respect for.  Ronda-Lee has given Elvin and myself a lovely Son-In-Law, and two  most beautiful  Grand  Children, Grand Daughter and Grand Son…


Thank you Ronda-Lee for choosing to be our daughter.






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